Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the rent?

The rents range from $950 to $1300 per month, depending on size, view, and floor number.

What about the utilities?

The rent does include water, but it does not include heat, electricity, or air-conditioning. Each apartment is separately metered. Residents will put the utilities in their own name and will pay for their own usage.

The heating system is gas-fired forced air. The water heaters are tankless, “on demand” systems. Please read the section on the “green” design elements of the building (below) for more information about the energy efficient nature of the apartments.

Do you allow pets?

As pet lovers, we will consider the possibility of allowing one quiet, well-behaved, small dog (25 pounds or less) or one cat to reside in each apartment. As the property owner, we reserve the right to refuse any pet and to put special provisions in the lease regarding pets. Please inquire for more details.

Is there an elevator?

Yes. Residents and their guests can take either the elevator or the stairs.

Do you know anything about the history of the building?

Yes. Thanks to the Village of Liverpool’s historian, we do know its history. Click here to read more.

Is the building “green” in any way?

Yes. First and foremost, we are extremely proud that we have brought new life to this historic building, securing it and making it more fully functional for modern life, rather than wastefully tearing it down.

We are also excited about the “green”-ness of the location: a great village, one where residents have only a very short walk to find everything they need and want, near a great park with a beautiful lake that is making a tremendous comeback.

More specifically, yes, many of our construction decisions were motivated by a desire to be environmentally responsible:

  • Energy efficiency. The building’s heating, venting, and air-conditioning system employ the latest technologies and meet guidelines set by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. We installed very expensive spray foam insulation to get the most energy efficient “building envelope” possible, reducing air infiltration through the brick exterior and through the roof. The hot water heaters are tankless, “on demand” heaters. All windows have energy efficient glazing. All kitchen appliances are ENERGY STAR rated. Light fixtures in common areas are on motion detectors, so that they only used when people are nearby. All of this reduces the energy consumption in the building and helps to lower residents’ utility bills.
  • A white roof reduces the heat island effect, reflecting heat rather than absorbing it and emitting carbon.
  • Plumbing fixtures are water efficient.
  • Interior paints are low VOC, to improve air quality.
  • Many building materials are made from recycled and/or environmentally sustainable content, including the Cambria quartz kitchen counters, the carpet tile in the common areas, and the gypsum wallboard.
  • The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are certified by the Environmental Stewardship Program, which is administered by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association and designed to encourage and recognize manufacturers that employ the use of policies and practices that benefit the environment and the well being of society.